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Will the Tilton Cleaning Multi-Step Deep Clean system shrink my carpet?

No. Prior to about 1985 carpeting could shrink because the manufacturers used cotton jute as a backing. Jute is a natural fiber that can shrink when wet excessively from old style cleaning equipment and water damage. Nowadays, the great majority of your backings are made of 100% synthetic and this along with our powerful truck mounted extraction equipment virtually eliminates the chance of shrinkage. I should note that the some of the machine made oriental replica rugs and custom wool woven specialty rugs are still made with jute backings. We are aware of this and check the backings of every single area rug we clean. If your rug has a jute backing we have a specific method in which to clean it.

Will all my stains be removed?

All stain material can be removed and we have the best spotters that money can buy, it is just a matter of how much permanent discoloration has occurred to the fabric. When our technician arrives he will test the areas first and advise you what to expect. It is very important that stains receive IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. The longer they stay in a fabric the more likely a PERMANENT DYE CHANGE will occur.

Why is the multi-step hot water extraction the method most carpet makers recommend?

Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction is the best cleaning method because of the size and power behind the cleaning tools. Carpet fiber is made up of many materials such as nylon, polyester, wool, etc all materials that can be washed. Carpets are thick and dense and hold alot of dirt. The only way to fully remove as much dirt as possible is use water to flush out the cleaning agents and dirt. Cleaning agents, detergents are designed to attach and encapsulate dirt to be removed by a rinsing process. Hot water extraction is the method that uses a flushing process to remove dirt. Tilton's Multi-step Deep Clean system uses a multi-step process. A pre-conditioning cleaning detergent to loosen soil followed by a combination hot water fiber rinse and powerful vacuum to extract and remove both the cleaning solution and the dirt.

Why is professional cleaning important?

When vacuuming no longer removes all of the soil, or you have not been able to remove spots following the recommended carpet care and cleaning procedures, it's time to have your carpet cleaned by a trained and qualified professional cleaner. At Tilton's we know the latest information on carpet construction, carpet care products, and safe, effective cleaning methods to help maintain carpet beauty. For this reason, we recommend, and most carpet manufacturers' warranties require, periodic professional cleaning.

When Tilton's cleans my carpet, does the padding or sub-floor get wet?

No. The Tilton's Multi-Step Deep Clean system does use a very powerful, deep-cleaning fiber rinse, the system extracts the rinse, the cleaning solution and the dirt very effectively in the same step. That gets your carpets as clean as possible while leaving your padding and sub-floor dry. Our system is safe enough to clean area rugs without pads over hardwood floors.

When is the best time to schedule an appointment?

We are pleased to find a time that is convenient with your schedule. We have morning, mid-day, and afternoon appointments. Appointments are available on a first come first served basis.

What should I do to prepare my home for Tilton carpet cleaning?

Any furniture you want moved that has breakables on them, such as pictures or crystal, should be cleared. Our policy is that we will move most furniture that can be safely moved, so if you would like to have a china cabinet, credenza or other large item moved they would have to be emptied prior to the crews arrival. Our technicians will do an inspection before they start cleaning and notify you if there is any furniture that can't be moved. Also, any small items sitting on the carpets to be cleaned, such as boxes, newspapers, toys and shoes, should be picked up. If there is a lot of debris on the carpet it is recommended that you vacuum first.

What is your guarantee?

We offer a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee on our work. If we cannot clean an area to your satisfaction you do not have to pay. If after we have done the work and there are areas that you are concerned with, such as a spot returning, we will return at no cost and re-clean the item no questions asked. If after we leave, you should have a spill on an item we cleaned, we will return once within 90 days of our first visit at NO CHARGE to take care of the item, this is our "Quality Service Guarantee".

What about moving my breakables such as lamps, etc?

You may have some valuables that you may feel more comfortable in moving. However, our technicians are trained to move breakables and furniture very carefully. Our technician can discuss that with you when we arrive.

I've heard water can ruin carpets?

No. What harms carpet is poor quality machinery that doesn't remove enough of the water to allow the carpet to go through the drying process properly? Truck mounted hot water extraction machines have the most powerful vacuum extraction machine as part of the system. Carpets are very durable when it comes to be exposed to water. We have been in the Water Damage Restoration business since 1985 and have seen the same carpet get saturated with water up to 4-5 times and still be ok.

I've heard that once you clean a carpet it gets dirty quicker. Is that true?

Not with the Tilton's Multi-Step Deep Clean system. Residue that gets left in the carpet from inferior cleaning processes is what causes rapid re-soiling. Our multi-step deep cleaning process uses pressurized hot water and advanced cleaning agents to loosen soil. Then we remove the dirt and the cleaning solution with a pH-balancing rinse and a powerful vacuuming, leaving your carpet soft and clean.

How long will it take to clean?

Our technician stays as long as it takes to do the job to your complete satisfaction. It could be a few hours. It depends on how soiled the areas are, how much furniture there is to move, and how much spotting it requires. The technician will give you a better idea once he arrives to do your work.

How long will it take my carpet to dry?

There are a few factors that contribute to the efficiency of the drying process, like carpet and rug material and the relative humidity in the air. It will take from a half day to a full day for your carpet or rug to be completely dry. Do not worry about affecting your carpet by walking on it after it is cleaned. Traffic in a home is minimal. Be sure to wipe your feet or better yet take your shoes off when you come from the outside and put on clean footwear to walk on your carpet. ALWAYS be CAREFUL when walking from wet carpet to a tile or wood slippery floor

How long does it take to dry?

The fabrics are usually dry in 12-24 hours. It is 80% dry when we leave although you can walk on the carpet right away as long as your shoes are clean. Please note that rain and high humidity can extend drying times.

How can I maintain my new carpet warranty?

There are three key things to do to maintain your new carpet warranty: 1. Vacuum frequently 2. Clean spills promptly 3. Have periodic professional carpet cleaning See your manufactures maintenance brochure or website to find the details of your warranty.

Does Carpet Protector really work?

Absolutely. Carpet protector is an outstanding product that Tilton's Carpet and Upholstery Care professionals recommend highly. In fact, most new carpet has protector on it - applied by the carpet manufacturer. However, protector wears off because of foot traffic on the carpet, frequent vacuuming, etc Our standard (non-discounted) cleaning service includes the application of carpet and upholstery stain protection.

Do you use any toxic chemicals?

We do not use any toxic chemicals at all, our solutions have been laboratory tested, and they are very safe. Our technicians carry MSDS sheets and if you have any concerns regarding potential allergic reactions we will make accommodations for you.

Do you move furniture?

We move all the furniture, we do all the pre-vacuuming and of course the spotting. It is basically your day to relax.

Do you have a fabric protection?

We use a fabric protection that is included in our full service process at no additional charge. Note specials and coupons are for just cleaning only and fabric protection can be added.


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