Ann Marie

Tilton's Cleaning Co. cleaned a rug for me. They came to my house and picked it up, cleaned it, and brought it back. It took about a week to get it back. It was a very convenient service.


We have been using Mike from Tilton's for 22 years; Mike has always done a great job, always very professional and trustworthy.


Extremely well .... all stains were removed and carpet looked great after cleaning.


I used them all the time, once or sometimes twice a year. They were very responsive. They did a high quality job. I had two dogs and a cat. I had a white rug.


Mike showed up at our house. He has been there before. He always does a very nice job and he is very thorough.


The Tilton Company picked up my oriental rug for cleaning and returned it within a week.  Mr Tilton himself brought it.


Tilton has always been on time the several times we have used them. It is easy to schedule with them too. We have off white carpet and he always takes extra care to get the stains out.


He was very professional and straightforward. Did the work within a short period of time; very professional and personable. I would use these people again.


I have been impressed by their cleaning. They do a good job.

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