Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning Throughout the Greater Boston Area

We can restore your tile and grout to look like the day it was installed!

How do we clean your Tile?

Step 1. Pre-Spray your Grout with a solution to break down grease and oils.
Step 2. Agitate the Pre-Spray with Grout Brush.
Step 3. Rinse with high pressured steam with our Truck Mounted Cleaning System. 
Step 4. After cleaning the tile & grout we can seal the grout.
Get a new look with Tile and Grout Cleaning
Why struggle with dingy tile and grout? Tile and the grout cleaning the area between tiles can be challenging and almost impossible for the homeowner.  Without the proper equipment the only way for the homeowner to clean the grout is with a small brush. Normal mopping of a floor leaves dirty detergent residue in the grout lines. That's why you need a professional cleaning company like Tilton Cleaning & Restoration. Our extraction cleaning system incorporates heat, cleaning detergents, vacuum and a high pressure rinse to remove the dirt that homeowners can't.

Tilton Cleaning & Restoration offers professional tile and grout cleaning services throughout Natick, Framingham, Maynard, Medway and the surrounding areas

Clear Grout Sealing Protection
When a tile floor is installed it’s not common for a grout sealer to be applied. Grout is porous, and if left unsealed, dirt, cooking oil, grease and detergent residue become embedded. Once it’s embedded it requires professional cleaning to remove. After professional cleaning, Tilton Cleaning & Restoraion recommends an application of a Clear Grout Sealer which makes the grout lines easier to maintain between professional tile and grout cleanings.

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